Our Equipment

We have invested in state of the art Rode equipment to make your podcast sound amazing. 

Rodecaster Pro

The RØDECaster Pro™ is the world’s most powerful all-in-one solution for podcasting. Designed to offer superb audio quality and expansive features while being incredibly easy to use, it’s the ultimate tool for beginners and professionals alike.

Featuring four microphone inputs with studio-grade preamps for recording crystal-clear audio, smartphone, USB, and Bluetooth channels for seamlessly integrating remote guests, eight sound pads for triggering music and sound effects, powerful audio processing at the touch of a button and so much more, the RØDECaster Pro is all you will ever need to create incredible podcasts.

Rode Podmic

The PodMic is a broadcast-quality dynamic microphone optimised for podcasting. It has a rich, balanced sound, with an internal pop filter to minimise plosives and internal shockmounting to reduce vibration.

The PodMic is optimised for use with the RØDECaster™ Pro Podcast Production Studio, but will also offer exceptional results with any high-quality microphone interface.


  • Broadcast-quality dynamic capsule
  • Optimised for speech applications
  • Internal pop filter to minimise plosives
  • Robust, all metal construction

Room Soundproofing

Our podcast studio has been lined with sound proofing panels which absorb the echoes of the room and create a quiet environment in which to record your podcast.

Positioned exactly at the correct height, the sound proofing enables you to record from any position in the room with no background noise being picked up on our excellent quality equipment. 


Green Screen Wall

For people who want to video their podcast while they’re recording, we also offer a chroma keyed wall which allows our clients to record and post-produce any background they like onto the video afterwards. 

Rode PSA-1 Boom Arm


The PSA1 is a professional studio boom arm that allows easy and precise placement of a microphone. It features an innovative parallelogram design that keeps the mic direction constant as the height is adjusted, as well as internal springs for quiet operation.



  • Professional studio arm
  • Ideal for radio, broadcast, studio, and home use
  • Internal springs for quiet operation