Fully Managed Podcast Service

Cost: £100 per hour
Availability: By Appointment
Timescales: Monday – Thursday 9.30am – 4.30pm

Need support creating your podcast?


We know that creating a podcast for the first time might seem daunting and there is a certain amount of technical know-how required in making it. 

The key steps in creating your podcast typically include:

> Planning and scripting the content
> Recording your podcast
> Editing the sound file
> Publishing to your chosen podcast provider

Not everyone has the software, computer and time to work through this process. This is where we can help you. 

Fully Produced

Working with us, we can fully produce your podcast from helping you script your episodes, creating you some branding for the channel, and physically recording and editing it.

Typically, you would be needing to invest around a day of time into getting your podcast set up initially which would include: 

  • Setting you up with a podcast provider
  • Planning your podcast episodes
  • Support in recording your podcasts
  • Post-production and editing of podcasts to create the correct files
  • Upload to the relevant podcast service

Check out an example of a fully produced podcast below.

£100 / hour